About Michael Liberty

Mr. Liberty is the founder of Mozido, a global mobile payments platform provider that is in the process of unlocking financial freedom for roughly 2 billion people. Mozido’s secure, cloud-based technology delivers payments and mLoyalty solutions to companies in retail, financial services, consumer packaged goods and telecom that serve both banked and unbanked consumers via the mobile phone.

The Austin, Texas based company recently announced a $70million funding round from a major Boston-based investment firm and the acquisition of mLoyaty leader StickyStreet.

As a pioneer and visionary of mobile technology, Mr. Liberty made his first investment in mobile in 1997 in a company, which formed the basis for what would later become Mozido Inc. In 2007, Mozido® became the first company in the United States to launch a mobile wallet under the Trumpet Mobile brand. As a result of Mr. Liberty’s early vision, Mozido is recognized as a pioneer and global leader in cloud-based mobile financial services and commerce solutions. Mr. Liberty is the inventor of the mobile wallet patent for under and unbanked consumers as well as other inventions in the mobile transaction space and has over 40 patents either issued or pending in the United States and foreign countries.

Mr. Liberty, who was nominated by President Ronald Reagan as one of the Outstanding Young Men of America in 1985, is an unwavering advocate for the socially and financially disenfranchised. As owner of American Housing Preservation Corporation, Mr. Liberty has been able to provide affordable housing to thousands of low income and elderly residents across America.

The Liberty Family Foundation, based on the mission of “Enriching Lives Globally Through Servant Leadership,” has been able to give back to the community locally, nationally and throughout the world. Mr. Liberty is also a staunch supporter of the military and is the presenting sponsor for the 2014 Seal – Navy Special Warfare Family Foundation event and sits as co-chairman of the foundation.

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